About us

1. Who Are We?

The international business engineering group of the future value chain aims to increase the value in the supply chain of your collection.

In the field of business, many activists are very expert in their subjects, but they do not have the knowledge and infrastructure to create international and global communication.

Nowadays, successful global companies pursue their supply issues in various fields at the international level, interactions at the international level make it possible for businesses to take advantage of the competitive advantages of different companies all around the world.

The FVC international commercial engineering group has brought together a network of a wide range of producers, importers, and exporters in various fields of industry. Having a successful experience of more than 15 years in the field of international trade, this group provides services related to international trade to many business activists today.

Therefore, if you want to export your goods to our country or buy goods from our country in different industries, we have a network of activists in various fields and a team of experts to provide all international business activities. We believe that this assures the parties of the contract.

2. Main Activities

In general, the FVC international group includes three types of teams

A collection of different companies in various industries that need to supply their goods from abroad.A collection of different companies inside the IRI, that have many products for export.3- A team of experts in the field of international trade who are active in various fields such as transportation, contracting, customs affairs, monetary activities, and currency transfer.

  This business team includes experts as well as several active representative offices in different countries including UAE, China, Hong Kong, Belarus, and Turkey. that these representative offices provide the ability to carry out business activities in a good way.

3. Our Offices

For having better services, and further than our internal network, we have a good network overseas, Also for having a better international service, we prepared some offices in different locations as below

UAEChinaHong KongBelarusturkey

4. How we can have a business together?

If you have a product and would like to sell in IRI territory, please contact us, we will help you by using our network.If you have a product inside IRI and would like to export your money and distribute it to the world if you have a country as your export target, or if you don’t have it and just would like to find a customer for your product, we will help you by our overseas officesIf you have a part of international business by your company, but you need our help in a part of your business, we could help you in the below cases:MarketingSupplyingMaking a contractInternational shipmentCustoms clearanceTransferring money